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Introducing the ultimate solution for transportation needs in airports, seaports, and hospitality and leisure industries – the DuroCar AC electric car with cargo boxes (pickup)/long base. This versatile vehicle has been designed with a singular focus on providing reliable and efficient transportation options for a wide range of industries.

Equipped with cargo boxes (pickup)/long base, this electric car is perfect for transporting freight, passengers, personnel, and equipment. Its compact size allows it to easily maneuver into and out of spaces that larger trucks cannot access, making it an ideal choice for use in crowded airports, seaports, and other busy areas.

In addition to its practical design, the DuroCar AC electric car with cargo boxes (pickup)/long base is also incredibly safe and easy to operate. Equipped with advanced safety features such as airbags and electronic stability control, this vehicle offers the ultimate in protection for both the driver and passengers.

The DuroCar AC electric car with cargo boxes (pickup)/long base is perfect for a wide range of industries, including airports, seaports, hospitality, and leisure. Whether you need to transport luggage, equipment, or personnel, this vehicle offers the perfect combination of efficiency and convenience.

So why wait? Order your DuroCar AC electric car with cargo boxes (pickup)/long base today and experience the ultimate in reliable and efficient transportation options.


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