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Introducing DuroCar: A New Brand of Smart Energy Electric Vehicles

It’s not often that something truly innovative comes along. But this is one of those times. The Demetriades Group has introduced a completely new range of electric golf carts and utility vehicles – dynamically made right here in Cyprus.

For over 15 years, we have sold and supported electric vehicles for many applications and environments… golf courses, hotels, resorts and throughout government, commerce and industry.

Now we have taken all our accumulated knowledge and experience and designed the DuroCar range – extraordinary next-generation electric vehicles, built in Cyprus and destined for the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

Months of planning , testing and proving have gone into the DuroCar range. And we have come up with a winning formula – a combination of efficiency, reliability, versatility, comfort, and a competitiveness that suits every budget.

Fits Right To Your Workspace

Golf Clubs and Holiday Resorts, Port and Airports, Manufacturing and Distribution Centres, Oil & Gas Installations, Hospital and University Campuses, Events, Municipal Services, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance… the list goes on. DuroCar models are built tough and strong and ready to go, and come with many of the standard features that you’d expect to see on the options list. And because we make them right here, we can custom configure and adapt to match specific application requirements.

Backed by over 16 years of electric vehicle experience and as one of the few truly experienced official distributors of Club Car in the Cypriot market, we have sold and supported hundreds of electric vehicles used in countless golf courses ,hotels and resorts, warehouses, people moving applications and more. All this accumulated knowledge and expertise was put into DuroCar’s extraordinary range of AC-powered electric vehicles that are built in Cyprus and destined for the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

Months of planning, testing and proving have resulted in a winning formula of super efficiency, eco-friendliness, high reliability, customisable versatility, style, comfort and competitiveness. At DuroCar we want to make a difference: to the environment, and to people’s convenience, mobility and perceptions. With DuroCar, businesses and personal users are driving the future!

Our range of smart energy electric vehicles offers a unique combination of style, performance, reliability, and affordability. We believe that electric vehicles should not only be environmentally friendly but also practical and accessible to all. That’s why we have a wide variety of models and configuration possibilities to give our customers more choice and flexibility.

At DuroCar, we take pride in our extensive experience in the electric vehicle industry. Our team has been selling and supporting electric vehicles for over 16 years and has gained a deep understanding of the market’s needs and trends. We leverage this knowledge and expertise to create exceptional products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We are also committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. We believe that building strong relationships with our customers is key to our success, and we strive to provide a positive experience throughout the entire purchasing process, from consultation to after-sales support.

Whether you are looking for a personal vehicle or a fleet of commercial vehicles, we are here to help. At DuroCar, we are driving the future of transportation, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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