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It’s not often that something truly innovative comes along. But this is one of those times. The Demetriades Group presents DuroCar, a completely new brand of electric vehicles.

These are not only the golf cars and resort utility vehicles that you’d expect. DuroCar introduces fully street-legal high-performance cars, vans and motorbikes, as well as recreational scooters and bikes. The range extends to task-specific vehicles such as personnel and cargo transporters, food service vans and stadium stretcher carriers.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way in recent years, and DuroCar smart energy EVs are super stylish, extra reliable, more cost-efficient and run farther on a single charge. The wide variety of models and configuration possibilities give customers more choice.

Backed by over 16 years of electric vehicle experience and as one of the few truly experienced official distributors of Club Car in the Cypriot market, we have sold and supported hundreds of electric vehicles used in countless golf courses ,hotels and resorts, warehouses, people moving applications and more. All this accumulated knowledge and expertise was put into DuroCar’s extraordinary range of AC-powered electric vehicles that are built in Cyprus and destined for the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

Months of planning, testing and proving have resulted in a winning formula of super efficiency, eco-friendliness, high reliability, customisable versatility, style, comfort and competitiveness.

At DuroCar we want to make a difference: to the environment, and to people’s convenience, mobility and perceptions. With DuroCar, businesses and personal users are driving the future!


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